Piercing Reality

As above, so below, as below, so above

The intricate connection between Guided Imagery, the silhouette/double world concept, and writing developed due to the nutritional investigation of plants and animals with silhouettes.

The discovery of aporphine, the psychoactive property in the Blue Lotus, offered a glimpse into a realm unseen where they encounter archetypes and complex thought/images.

Under the influence of the psychedelic, they sensed and experienced overlapping resonating harmonic vibrations in the heavens, on earth, and within their consciousness. Creation wasn't haphazard. It followed a consistent pattern using constructible numbers.

The lotus plants grew at a particular time, opened and closed daily, and appeared connected with astronomical events of flow like the female period and the Nile River.

The more acquainted and familiar they became with their inner psychic world, with the assistance of the plant, these coincidences gave rise to a conviction in the correspondence between realities that was far more than faith or superstition. This confidence and certainty stemmed from experiential knowledge.

Astronomical ceiling from the Tomb of Senenmut (XVIII Dynasty, circa 1479–1458 BC), discovered in Thebes, Upper Egypt.

The sky goddess Nut and human figures representing stars and constellations from the star chart in the tomb of Ramses VI

Under the influence of the aporphine, they traveled between the two worlds, writing down the gist of their discoveries carved and painted on stone in the form of the lunar, civil, and solar calendars.

But more importantly, it led to a belief that life in the heavens, on earth, and in the unseen world should correspond.

The principle of as above, so below, as below, so above came from this conviction.