At Wurster

The College of Environmental Design at Berkeley

The betrayal of Modernism's social heritage is in the public record. What has been left out until now was the valiant struggle a few of CED's faculty engaged in to address this duplicity. In my opinion, the redesign of architectural education William Wurster set in motion with the recruitment of Jesse Reichek from the Chicago School was a bold attempt to make good on a lost promise.

Although the times and people differed, the same need for a humane environment still existed.

They recognized that the struggles of the old had been replaced with new challenges, and a new generation of professionals would be needed to moderate between the modern landscape and the social needs of its users.

Whatever the landscape, the user's voice, needs, feelings, and emotions had to have a place in its construction without deception or dishonesty.


Strange as it may seem, the educational redesign was a utopian vision that CED dared to dream of.


A part of their dream came true when an unlikely group of students used the curriculum's makeover to fulfill an aspect of the promise they hoped to address.