Futuristic Architectural Hospitality 2

Architectural hospitality shouldn't be pigeonholed. It can offer many experiences simultaneously, but at its core, it provides a gentle, accommodating place for restorative health-giving instruction through cultivating good behavior patterns, a space where aggressive straight lines are rejected in favor of gentle and friendly curves that represent a confident mindset promoting a decent, sane, and positive attitude in relating to one's self and the environment.

Similar to a psychedelic "trip," architectural hospitality is immersive. It shouldn't be treated as a building. It's a people-loving space that radiates a feeling of connectedness.

Architectural hospitality is an ideogram, similar to a Chinese character, representing the attraction those who travel feel as they trek to a particular spot to come together.

Architectural hospitality is an environment of sanity, which inspires full human beingness to counteract people's feelings about being starved in their lives.

This environment radiates basic healthiness, providing ample room for spontaneity, openness, and intimacy. It advocates for human spontaneity through its warmth of materials, lighting, and orientation, which, on the spot, at first encounter, fosters an unspoken kinship. If you like its form and space and to be within it, you like its people.