Futuristic Architectural Hospitality 3

Even when one walks through the door and sits down, intuitive communication occurs on several levels;

the attraction between environment and individual places one in the present, with the retelling of one's story connecting to the past and the present, insinuating where it is about to go. This synchronization between mind, body, form, and space becomes an indestructible whole, a gestalt that "comes alive," becoming an antidote to aggression and the beginning of full human-beingness.

Though the whole is demanding in terms of practicing disinterested, selfless concern for the well-being of others, you never get tired of the experience. You are willing to open up and invite others in. You miss these interactions and must return to them and its people often. Its form and spaces signify certain truths: no one has all the answers or control over others, and there must always be a basic sense of honesty––which is the source of trust.

Architectural hospitality projects its genuine reflection of humanity through its dignified and orderly interconnected atmosphere. It creates an ideal present that starkly contrasts everyday life by treating individuals as special guests, princes, and princesses whose lives are elegant and who can participate in the manifestation and appreciation of beauty. Things are in their place, and the food is beyond reproach.