Eye of Ra

Geo-synchronicity continued...

Excerpt from:

Suppliant Maidens

The Eye of Ra is one of the earliest stories in Egyptian mythology. In the beginning, female cow cults were fierce warriors and defenders of the clan. They go out to punish those who challenge the authority of their group's leadership.

This manifestation of the Eye is documented in the myth of Sekhmet. Venturing into the wild this way was a punitive expedition to reestablish Pharaoh's influence and power.

However, there were other times when the Eye departed for the wild, but legend is silent about the reason for the Eye's departure.

Time and again, female priestesses venture into the hinterlands only to be brought back by Pharaoh's most trusted warriors, the Cynocephali, "baboon-head warriors" of Thoth. Ancient Egyptian tablets illustrate the baboon accomplishing its mission.

However, a plausible reason for their behavior surfaced when 'as within, so without' is applied. After thousands of years roaming from mountain to sea, cow cult women had lost something the Nile Valley and the development of cities couldn't offer. When sedentary existence became too comfortable, these women's cults shook things up by reverting to their original nomadic behavior to regenerate and be reborn through entrainment in the wild.