A Cyclops Unbound


Piercing Cultural Hegemony

Think of the site as a meditation or a daydream. Since daydreams usually last one-fourth of one-millionth of a second, 250ms, this is an extended one.

Guided Imagery is the site's foundation meant to generate imagery from the imagination’s desire-related dimensions.

For example, the first poster purchased as a freshman was prophetic. It pictured why attendance at the University of California at Berkeley was important. Though the young man’s attire was odd, medieval dress, his looking beyond the veil expressed an unknown unconscious desire to pierce European Cultural Hegemony, a theme that became the focus of my education and, eventually, my life.


The term Cultural Hegemony is seldom used, and few can define it as the shutter that compartmentalizes thought and action and determines what we eat, where we live, and who and how we will marry. A system set in place to circumscribe how we live that few dare to penetrate. Still, that’s not the case here. Through Guided Imagery and gestalt, the veil is pulled.


Another illustration of Guided Imagery and gestalt forces at work poking through hegemony occurred when Fu Ren, my wife, read Byron Katie and asked who I was without my story.

I didn’t pay much attention until a truth materialized as a daydream. When stripped of the story and history of an African American male, an archetypal persona from the Collective Unconscious emerged, a mythical Cyclops.


The dream implied that I am an extension of the people who believe in the supremacy of the “All Seeing Eye” (the Eye of Ra), who were the master builders of the ancient world, with a Masonic tradition stretching back to the pyramid builders.

Some years after the daydream imagery was confirmed. A significant percentage of the Yoruba people share this lineage.