Piercing Reality

Call and Response

In music and song, the analogy to as above, so below, as without, so within, and vice versa, found its purest expression. The vibrations from instruments and voices expressed the ratio heard in the ground of being, establishing the reciprocal relationship of call and response.

 The aporphine in the lotus supplied access to what we describe today as the infinite Multiverse of Consciousness.

We have an outline of what they discovered in call-and-response communication while their silhouettes traveled between the two worlds. They left the gist of it written and painted on stone. The lotus provided a sneak preview of life after ego death.

Fortunately, their message about their findings didn't stop with carving, sculpture, and painting. The Egyptians leave the generative key governing above as below, and within as without, as a mathematical pattern, the Golden Ratio.

The application of the ratio develops the Golden Rectangle, where the world of form, design, and structure expresses the truth of their reality that visible form is in response to the unseen world .

They take the unique step of embedding their transmission in architectural form. Their Guided Imagery and gestalt use is intentional, leaving much of what was known hidden and unsaid, with the expectation that future generations would discover the truth of reality for themselves.

They constructed the first urban environment with little more than a compass, straight edge, and rope as design tools and an undaunted sense of social cohesion.