Land Speech

If the pictures on the walls of temples are believed, cow cult women 'reset' by ingesting lotus plants, which consciously opens the doors of perception. Following the clues from within, they return to the wild as a conscious, positive choice to be entrained by nature.

We know the Egyptians were intimately involved in astrology--star speech. Still, little attention has been given to their equal interest in geology--land speech, the ancient idea of perceiving and interpreting meaning from natural landmasses.

Under the influence of the lotus, their "altered perception" allowed them to attune and converse with the wild. This ever-changing phenomenon of mountains, rivers, forests, sky, animals, and people had meaning, which spoke to them and could be read to determine what needed attention.

Their intelligence gathering eventually led to geography--land picturing-- which evolved into cartography, map making. "Eye women" considered bringing the information back to Pharaoh vital for group survival.

Still, the role required sensual proximity and intimacy with the natural body, which could be a person, place, or thing. The experience must have been enjoyable.

Otherwise, tasking warriors to bring them home would not have been necessary. In light of my experimentation with psychoactive compounds, this intuitive insight rings plausible.