Futuristic Architectural Hospitality 4

This is not to say this experience is for the rich; quite the opposite.

It is a rich, wholesome experience that makes people feel welcome and that they belong. Architectural hospitality is a “trip” that intuitively engages one’s inner brilliance, allowing environmental cues and messaging to flow easily and communicate a specific objective––a fearless touch and connection with the environment and the world.

Working with and within architectural hospitality means bringing people down to earth, back to safe, natural settings they can trust. The trip offered by contact with architectural hospitality is a Human Rewilding journey grounded in fitness and outdoor living skills fashioned for people of all ages.

Hawaii is the perfect setting for such an adventure because it is one, if not the most, hospitable Wild on the planet.

Still, the island is ideal for another reason: it is an island of weeds, the “prince” of which is bamboo.

The plant consciousness embedded in architectural hospitality radiates the characteristics of people who exhibit good behavior: economy, strength, colorfulness, fragrance, resilience, work, changeability, texture, sustainability, multifaceted, and symbolic traits. Building with bamboo affects both custodians and "tourists" alike with its simplicity. The main point is the more you appreciate simplicity, the more profound your understanding becomes of what is needed to live life fully.