A Shaman's Doorway

For eons—hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and about 90 percent of the existence of our species—we lived out in nature in small band hunter-gatherer groups connected, engaged, and belonging to nature. We had to be; otherwise, we wouldn't have survived.

Right now, we don't realize what we've lost or how the particular social system in which we live demands that we stay lost and continue living in an unnatural environment, quite similar to zoo animals. We can adapt to unnatural environments, but that doesn't mean that we can thrive in them.

The Fluxus video art of the Shaman's Doorway suggests a way out of this deception by expanding consciousness. It suggests we go back to hunter-gatherer basics using plant pharmacology and the re-invention of Family to reconnect the circuit in our brain designated to play.

Background Documents

Fluxus Art Doc Website Edited Rev 1 Pdf
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Presentation video clips:

The Talented Tenth and the San Francisco Fillmore




An Architecture of Liberation

The Education

Photovoice 9 3 23 Exhibit Pdf
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The Follow Through

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Leadership and False Consciousness.edited for web.edited
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The University of California at Berkeley Environmental Design library canceled the exhibition