Piercing Cultural Hegemony

Few realize that although Germany lost World Wars I and II, they won the Cultural War due to English and American sympathizers.

To answer why the urban landscape looks the same worldwide requires a blunt, straightforward response that is uncommon. Depending on the geographical setting and the ethnic groups involved the concrete, glass, and steel urban landscape is either a prison, plantation, or concentration camp designed and built with all the best intentions.

Many will call this criticism harsh and indefensible, but that is due to their ignorance of the term Cultural Hegemony. The design theories underpinning the modern urban landscape are the product of a European elite class that decided the best and most rational form of urbanization for everyone without their consent.

Have you heard of the New Objectivity Movement, at times called New Sobriety? The concept is similar to cultural hegemony in that it controls daily life from the background without our conscious knowledge or consent. Even practitioners of its architectural paradigm haven't heard of it. The roots are so obscure.