While watering an endangered species on the property, next to the shed, I hear a low rumble, a sound similar to a huge earth mover.

At first, I couldn't recognize what was happening. But, as it moves closer and the earth begins to undulate, I realize I see an earthquake as it approaches. The land ripples with waves.

I see the footings move up and down as it passes underneath the site, but the astonishing part is how the quake translates into the columns.

Ceasing to be columns, they vibrate like a struck tuning fork. I hear a sound from the exposed rebar.

But unknown then, rewards were conferred.

For perseverance and faithfulness to the Language, Pele provided an environmental cue that served as a Zeitgeber––a time giver.

In chronobiology, entrainment is a prompt that resets the rhythms of biological organisms. Light is generally the most recognized external timekeeper.

But sound vibrations, like the tolling of bells or song from a high spire, also have their place in synchronizing biological systems. As the event demonstrated, I was granted  geo-synchronicity, a reset.


However, as the quake moved through the lava field, a fleeting image of sculptor Peter Voulkos flashed into my mind and quickly receded. The event passed. I thought nothing of it until decades later, not understanding that Pele had danced, for me, exposing her essence.