A search of famous modernist architects of the 1930s yields 24 men and three women, one of which, Hadid, is too recent and shouldn’t be included. Lina Bo Bardi and Eileen Gray are of the era and yet are obscure. Both endure misogyny within the field, but    Gray’s affront by Le Corbusier best encapsulates what they had to endure.

Why was she so hesitant to claim credit for her work to such an extent that it was given to Le Corbusier?

The status of women in relation to technology changed roughly 3000 years ago with the collapse of the Bronze Age. Before this event, women within areas culturally linked to Black Africa were involved in its development with men.

The investigation of Nabta Playa, the Calendar Circle, illustrates this point. Near this astronomical marker, which calculates the earth’s precession and establishes the date when the last one began, is found a cow cult artifact––suggesting the presence of women.

Furthermore, Guided Imagery illustrates female governance in a Pharaoh’s symbols of sovereignty. In Pharaoh’s hand is the Flail, a female cow cult symbol granting authority.

The “cosmic egg” motif of a village, the arch seen in its entirety, expresses the importance of women as the gateway to conscious life and directly repudiates misogyny in social and economic interactions.