Social Structure of Democratic Space

The social structure proposed by its narrative is akin to the structural reciprocity shared by the bricks in the Nubian arch/vault.

They must be at a certain angle and oriented in the same direction, but most importantly, they must be in touch with the proper surface friction. 'Touch' is the glue that makes it possible to build the vault's structural network without mortar if need be.

Using nonverbal communication, touch messaging, and interaction to produce social capital and physical environment, the Colorful Prince strives to emulate the arch's physical reciprocity on a social level.

Individuals exchange touch in an indirect reciprocal manner, as a collective whole, meaning each participant is not dependent on a one-to-one exchange.

It's a generalized touch exchange, where one person gives benefit to another but receives it not from the receiver but from a third party. This is how touch exchange worked in small, close-knit communities and extended families.

Receiving indirect reciprocity expresses the value of an individual's social worth since the giver has no direct obligation to do so yet contributes to maintaining the collective giving network of the whole.

The Colorful Prince gambles that this older generalized form of touch creates strong integrative bonds that encompass greater trust, affection, and solidarity than those presently governing physical and emotional intimacy.

Under this logic, one does have to have skin in the game. However, there are dangers for loss or risk-averse people because indirect reciprocity is a highly risky commitment.