Design Fiction and Democratic Space

The Colorful Prince

The one takeaway from the populist chaos at work is the power of controlling the narrative.

The objective of the Colorful Prince narrative is to model what Fredick Engles perceived as the panacea for capitalism. In 1884, he termed the 'magic bullet' as sex love.

It was love unsanctioned and non-monogamous because this type of love subverted property preservation and inheritance, for which monogamy and male supremacy were established.

Not so surprisingly, his words have been glossed over by capitalists and non-capitalists alike. Those interested in State power and capital accumulation have buried his idea in misinformation and propaganda.

Still, The Colorful Price narrative revives and updates the concept, placing it in a setting designed and operated by individuals engaging in 'skinship,' naked association.

The narrative is not new. It was practiced before monogamy and male supremacy became the norm.

Engles stumbled upon his ideas as he investigated the origins of the family, private property, and the State. The similarity between the old and new cycle is its focus on creating kinship through touch and how the exchange of touching builds and shapes the physical environment.