The Eureka Effect

Their expression of light form, on the one hand, captured its transitory nature while, on the other, introduced the notion of identifying a figure from the background.

Regarding identifying a figure from the background, their work dovetailed with the discoveries of Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, their contemporary.

Unlike the previous celestial interpretations, experimentation with psychedelic drugs rendered its meaning as an altered state of consciousness capable of looking beyond the illusion of materiality––a vision in parallel with the Buddhist concept of the mindfulness of Mind.

It, in essence, pictured a perception capable of fulfilling the sculptor’s dream.


But unlike Rorschach, who investigated mental disorders, the brothers, firm in their belief in the power of sculpture, were concerned with creating the Eureka effect, an aha moment of insight in their viewers.

The epiphany needed for humanity to unite advanced science and technology, social evolution, and spirituality with modernity.

It is interesting that in writing this section I discover the background of my first poster in college. When purchased it had just been rendered in color for the first time.